can't find any mention of this...

can't find any mention of this...

Post by Kate » Wed, 12 Nov 2003 05:18:45

I have a customer wanting to know how long calendar
appointments will show up as bold in the monthly view in
Outlook. I can see that mine (and others') appointments
only show up bolded until September (about 10 months),
although I can schedule (and see) appointments beyond that

I can't find anything in the KB about this, but it could
just be that I'm not calling it the right thing... I
searched around for things referring to free-busy info
(although I'm not sure this really falls under that,
because what you see as far as free-busy info goes by how
many months the user chooses to publish, and this seems
different than that), calendar view, etc., and can't seem
to find anything referring to this.

The answer seems to be that it will only show bolded
appointments for 10 months, but I'm looking for something
that definitively says that, or might show how to change
that setting.