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My office uses Exchange 2000 with users on Outlook XP and Outlook 2003 SP2.
We recently had our Exchange system crash, but were able to recover all of
the information. I am at the tail end of reconnecting all the users and
setting up Offline Caching for everyone, and downloading the public folders
to some of our faster machines.

In attempting to reconnect the principal of our firm, he outlook would not
sync with his exchange mailbox. He has been using the offline version of his
mailbox for almost a month, and now that he can reconnect, the folders won't
udpate. The only errors are in the synchronization log:

7:29:19 Synchronizer Version 11.0.8000
7:29:19 Synchronizing Mailbox '%Displayname%'
7:29:19 Synchronizing Hierarchy
7:29:19 Terminated in error
7:29:19 [8004010F-501-8004010F-940]
7:29:19 The client operation failed.
7:29:19 Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
7:29:19 For more information on this failure, click the URL below:
7:29:19 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
7:29:19 Download successful

As you can see, the error is similar to the offline address book error
(0x)8004010f - but there is no problem with the address book itself since it
downloads successfully.

I have tried disabling offline caching, deleting the .ost file (backing it
up first, of course) renaming the .ost file, opening his account on another
machine with OL2003sp2, and nothing works. His is the only mailbox which has
this problem.

There are no errors in the application log for either the server or his
workstation. I used the scanost.exe utility and it immediately detected the
same error. When I tell it to scan individual folders, it successfully scans
everything except "Hierarchy" under Hidden folders. Searching
support.microsoft.com as well as google groups and then the rest of the
internet only turn up offline address book errors. Every other folder I scan
using the OST integrity checker successfully updates the offline/online

The only differences in our setup are that I created a fresh public store
(since that was what crashed exchange) and I created a new offline address
list which limits the users to those who have a .com mailbox account (to
exclude administrator etc from that list - who only have .local extensions).
However, EVERYONE else can see both with no problems.

My office is about to recreate our private store using the exmerge utility,
but until then, I was hoping to find a fix for this problem. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.



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From your online Exchange backups?


Of course!

Presuming you can still open his OST file in its original Outlook profile
(do this offline....disconnect his network cable first), immediately export
all the data to PST to make sure you don't lose anything.

Then set up a new mail profile for him without cached mode enabled, and make
sure it looks OK....enable cached mode and see whether *that* looks all
right. He or you will then need to open the PST file and copy in whatever is
in there, that isn't in his mailbox.