4.4.6 error

4.4.6 error

Post by anonymou » Thu, 26 Feb 2004 23:03:14

Can you please suggest how to resolve this issue

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Numerical Code: 4.4.6
Possible Cause: Max hop count is exceeded for the
message. This error message can also be caused if there
is a loop situation between the sending and receiving
servers that are not in the same organization (the
message bounces back and forth until the hop count is

Troubleshooting: This property is set for each virtual
server, and you can manually override this setting (the
default is 15). Also, check for any situations that might
cause loops between servers.

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2. HPL Loading error with Fatal error in server row processing - SQL error -271 ISAM error -151

Hi All

Seeking help on HPL loading.

HPL loading gives Fatal error in server row processing - SQL error
-271 ISAM error -151. However, exactly same project and job works fine
in another INFORMIX installation with slight version different. Data
gets converted from iso81 to utf8 using HP utility inconv and same is
used in both the boxes. Conversion is required to facilitate data from
various countries sitting in non-unicode database to central UNICODE.

Appreciate any help and please find details below on the project / job

$ onpladm create project smpl_proj -T $INFORMIXSERVER -S

$ onpladm create job load_job -p smpl_proj -d /tmp/data -D test -t
tablea -flc

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.FC6

Production Box INFORMIX
IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.FC4
Fatal error in server row processing - SQL error -271 ISAM error

Database Load Completed -- Processed 220
Records Inserted->
Detected Errors-->
Engine Rejected-->

Database is a UNICODE having en_US.utf8

Thanks in advance and really appreciate any help.

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