Password Protecting

Password Protecting

Post by John For » Thu, 31 Jul 2003 23:30:26

I have an Access DB application(Access 2002) which upto 5
personnel use without logon and is configured as a FE/BE.
I will be adding a feature that will allow some
maintenance on the BE tables. The maint form I will be
using will require logon through a password form by the
user who has the permissions to be classified as an
administrator. From the main form, a user clicks the
maintenance button, a password logon form appears, the
correct password gets the user to a subsequent form with
user selections for maintenance.

I want to maintain everyones free use of the application
without logon and only want to protect the password
protected maintenance features of the application. When
implementing this type of feature, is there a better
method than others for maintaining the username and
password. Right now the BE has the permissions set within
the Access security options to not allow certain
operations by users who would happen to get into the
backend, unless the person knows what to do when they get
there. As does the FE, I have set the query permissions
through the openning of the main form, and have made the
FE into a *.mde.

I plan to have the username and password table on the
backend and hidden to those who would happen to get to
them by bypassing some very rudimentary protections. Does
this make sense from the very brief description I have
provided, am I heading in the right direction?

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Even when I password-protect my Excel workbooks, sensitive data shows up as
plain text in the Google desktop search. It is very dangerous to give users
the false sense of password protected security when the underlying data
remains plainly visible. Password-protecting a workbook should result in
encrypted content that cannot be easily searched and displayed.

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