Table of cells contains comingled text (A,B,C,1,2,3)-formated

Table of cells contains comingled text (A,B,C,1,2,3)-formated

Post by V0lNNDI0N » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 05:43:06

THANKS! & SUCH A SPEEDY REPLY - I'm a Newbie to using these user groups and
Excel - but this looks like it will work - it will be late tonight before I
get to implement these details, but it looks like the right answer - Thanks
for the HELP.

Wayne M

Table of cells contains comingled text (A,B,C,1,2,3)-formated

Post by V0lNNDI0N » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 14:37:01

"WIM4246" wrote:

This looks like the right track that I should be doing, but it notice now
that the Info refers to Access, and I thought that I had submitted my
question as an New Excel user.

If these instructions are to also work in Excel, I guess I'm not proficient
enough to apply the terminology correctly, because I'm not even getting a
formula recognitxion error - but I'm trying to run these functions from a
cell within my Excel Work Sheet.

Can you explain or give a short example of the syntax and where I should be
entering it?

Thanks, Wayne M
Can it be entere into the same Work Sheet - as in a cell following the Data
Column -

& where does the "Range" of the Data Selection to be used get entered?


Table of cells contains comingled text (A,B,C,1,2,3)-formated

Post by John Nuric » Mon, 04 Oct 2004 18:14:49

ince you posted your question in an Access database forum I read it as
referring to an Access problem. If you're using Excel, you should ask in
an Excel forum. But first, try using a formula like this in a cell to
the right of one of your "1,2,1,A,C" values - which I'll assume is in
cell A2:

=CountOccurencesInDelimString($A2, "1", ",")

Then fill down the column with the same formula (so the references
adjust to $A3, $A4...).

Next use a =SUM() formula at the foot of this column: that should give
you the count of "1"s.

Repeat in adjacent columns for the other values you want to count.

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Please respond in the newgroup and not by email.