Add New Record between two existing records

Add New Record between two existing records

Post by bGl6d » Wed, 16 Jan 2008 09:22:00

Hi, I am new to this Discussion Group. I am in need of some instructions and
hope that someone can help solve my problem/s.

1) I would like to add a record into my datasheet between two existing
2) How do you keep the ID #s in sequence?

1. open a record if it exists; otherwise add new record

2. Add new record to a log when existing records are modified?

This may be a simple thing, but I figgured I'd ask just
the same...

I have a database that I got from somewhere for managing
a DVD library. I've added a couple of things for keeping
track of what DVDs are loaned out, and who they're loaned
to. I have a special form that connects to teh main table
and allows you to check a disc out, and record the date
and who borrowed it. What I'm trying to do is, whenever I
use the 'loan a DVD' form, I want it to copy the info
that's in that record to another table (a log) and add
that info as a new record. This should be done on close
of the 'loan' form provided the "out on loan" check box
is checked (I obviously wouldn't want it to add the
record if I had opened the wrong record and never checked
the 'loaned' box). SO generaly, I think the logic I'm
looking for is some sort of 'on close, if 'Loaned'=yes,
copy the current record to new record in Log'

Any suggestions and directions MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

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