new list box made same as my others will not save data as others d

new list box made same as my others will not save data as others d

Post by S2VpdG » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 06:11:01

Added a field to my main table to hold data from user selected data in list
box, other older boxes created when I started work fine. I know how to do it,
but I guess not...

I added a field called IN_OUT to my main table "passenger check"

I created a new table called "tblIn_Out" and added data of "INBOUND" next

I went to my form and added the list box through the wizard as I did with
the other boxes. On opening the form "Inbound" displays and so does
"Outbound" I select one then move on to the next tab stop, then I click a
button that opens a subform that supplies other data to my main table, when I
finish I get an error NUL not allowed required field...bla bla bla. This is
true the field is required the user must state either inbound or outbound the
rest of the data would be usless if we do not have this simple inbound or
outbound saved with the rest or the data for that record.

The propertes of my list box=

Control Source= the field in my main table called "IN_OUT" where I want to
store the user selection either "inbound" or "outbound".

Row Source Type= Table/Query

Row Source = SELECT tblIn_Out.IN_OUT FROM tblIn_Out;


I want my user to click on either "inbound" or "outbound" in the box and
have that saved into my main table.

I really don't understand I have 8 hours all day today trying to figure this
out. It is a required field in my main table? All my other boxes work just
fine I even have cascadeing boxes that save the user selection....

The only thing is I just added the field to my main table it was not there
before could this be a problem????

Please advise
Thank you pros in advance!

new list box made same as my others will not save data as others d

Post by Dirk Goldg » Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:10:47

I suggest you reset the RecordSource of the form. If it's a query (whether
stored or an inline SELECT statement), make sure that it includes the IN_OUT
field from the table. If the RecordSource property is just the name of the
table or of a stored query, re-enter or reselect it to make sure Access
knows that the field has been added.

Dirk Goldgar, MS Access MVP

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