treeview control, MS Windows Common Control 5.0 (SP2)

treeview control, MS Windows Common Control 5.0 (SP2)

Post by Lim Heng S » Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:48:13

anyone here can point me to the right path. Any treeview
control(ActiveX) that i can use in MS Access 2000
Professional Edition. I try to search for the internet for
few examples. When i tried to open it then an error
message generated was "there is no object.......". It
seems it's related to the ocx file that cannot found in
c:\Winnt\System32\...... then i downloaded it from the
internet and placed them on c:\Winnt\system32\. After
that, i opened up the VBA and set the reference to that
reference file, eg MS Windows Common Control (SP2) and MS
Common Dialog Control 6.0 (SP3) but still cannot get it
working. I suspected it's because of the version of my MS
Office. Maybe i need to use MS Office Developer Edition
then i will only be allow to use the TreeView Control?

I am using Ms Windows Professional and MS Office

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